The next Educational Family Conference will be in The Netherlands October 8-13, 2021.

The MNRI® Educational Family Conference is an intensive therapy conference and the most comprehensive MNRI® treatment option available to adult-clients and to families with children.

In addition to the expertise of Dr. Masgutova, certified MNRI® Core Specialists from Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Russia, Indonesia and/or United States, travel to the conference location in The Netherlands to provide the daily 6 hours treatment to children and adult-clients.

General schedule
Assessments: Early on in the conference, Dr. Masgutova completes an in depth assessment from which she forms the conference plan that will guide each individual treatment.

Daily therapy: There will be 6 intensive sessions per day. Each session focusing on MNRI® techniques related to one of Dr. Masgutova’s many core programs.

Breaks: Each day parents, children and adult-clients will have 1 short ‘in-between’ break. Therapists, parents, children, adult-clients, and trainees will have lunch and dinner together. Special diets can be requested (use contact form).

Evening lectures: MNRI® therapists will give lectures about the Masgutova Method. Subjects will be announced in the morning at breakfast.

Meeting with parents and adult-clients for Home Program explanation: Throughout the conference, parents and adult-clients get significant exposure to MNRI® Method techniques and receive instruction from the certified MNRI® Core Specialists during each of the different MNRI® program sessions on how to carry on treatment at home.

MNRI® Team
Dr. Masgutova conducts an in depth conference assessment and provides additional session support and consultation as needed to address specific challenges as needed.
Certified MNRI® Core Specialists lead daily scheduled program sessions, consult Dr. Masgutova and engage the services of both Dr. Masgutova and certified MNRI® Core Specialists as needed to address each client specific challenges as needed.
Certified MNRI® Cores-in-Training help guide and mentor parents and adult-clients through the conference process and support Core Specialists as needed.

Post Conference Support
A home program will be supplied and a full MNRI® Family Conference Report is sent within 6 to 8 weeks after the end of the Conference.