Please send an email to our Dutch Conference Coordinator to find out about the Conference Fees for:

. Adult-Client
. Parent/Legal Guardian with Child that needs Therapy
. Additional Parent/Legal Guardian
. Therapist of Child/Adult-Client
. Personal Assistant of Child/Adult-Client
. MNRI® Core in Training (Trainee)

All therapists and Personal Assistants of Child/Adult-Client and MNRI® Cores in Training MUST register separately, using the appropriate form.

The MNRI® team will be provided rooms for therapy, lectures and family events. These arrangements and other expenses like printed matter, special material, rental of equipment, etc. need to be paid in advance by the coordinator of the Educational Family Conference in The Netherlands. Down payment is necessary to pay for these and other expenses in The Netherlands.

The minimum down payment is required within 7 days after registration.

Final payment for remaining Conference Fees should be done not later than 31 days before the Conference takes place.